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Norski Epoxy glues

This page is dedicated to Epoxy glues for many different applications, Including Marine,Wood,Industrial and domestic and Craft work.

Norstik Epoxy Glue

A solvent-less, non-staining, non-shrinking, waterproof glue.  For bonding most surfaces including timber, plywood, metals, fibreglass, concrete, and ceramics, An ideal alternative where solvent based glues may cause problems. Colour: Cream when mixed. Mixing ratio 1:1. 

Norstik Epoxy Glue 5 minute

A rapid curing, clear, free flowing epoxy resin system. Base:Hardener. This product has very rapid cure and good adhesion. Ideal for a wide range of applications including model making, home use, DIY projects. Will not attack Polystyrene foam.Mixing ratio 1:1.

Norstik 221 Epoxy Glue

A solvent less, non staining, non shrinking, gap filling, water proof glue of exception strength. For use on wood, ceramics, concrete, marine use. Ideal where solvent based glues may cause problems. Colour: cream, Mixing Ratio: 2:1

Norski Resorcinol Glue

A liquid resin used with a powdered hardener. The bonds are capable of withstanding continuous or intermittent exposure to cold and hot water, elevated temperatures, mould and fungus attack. Ideal glue for exterior applications such as outdoor furniture, chopping boards, laminated beams, and treated timber. Mixing Ratio: 2:1

Norski Epoxy Filler

A smooth paste like filler that can be left as a finish or painted over. Formulated to fill even large holes or cracks in one application without sagging. Can be used on all surfaces and has exceptional strength and adhesion. Non-shrinking. Natural base may be tinted with Norski Pigment Pastes. Ideal for Gelcoat repairs. Colour: White (W) or natural (N). Mixing ratio 2: 1.

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