Norski Epoxy Doming Resin

Epoxy Doming Resin
Mixed 2: 1 by Volume.
Clear top coat for wooden or anything or anywhere a liquid glass finish is required.
Can also be layered up to achieve a clear filler- Items can be embedded in the layers
Excellent for casting Table top Etc.

Norski Doming Resin 375ml Pack

125ml Hardener

250ml Base

375ml Pack



Norski Doming Resin 750ml Pack

250ml Hardener

500ml Base

750ml Pack



Norski Doming Resin 1.5Ltr Pack

500ml Hardener

1Ltr Base

1Ltr Pack



Norski Doming Resin 3Ltr Pack

1Ltr Hardener

2Ltr Base

3Ltr Pack



Norski Doming Resin 6Ltr Pack

2Ltr Hardener

4Ltr Base

6Ltr Pack



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