Update on the Lighthouse Project

Hi Guys

Sorry about the lack of updates, But man have we been busy Plant Boxes are flying out of the door, especially the 3 Tier Planters.

I have one set up by my front door with Carrots on the top, Cos lettuce in the middle and trying for Cauliflower on the bottom, On the top shelf I have 6 pots with flowers and 3 tins with seeds (Capsicum, Chilli and Pumpkin)

I used 1 bag of compost and 4 bags of potting mix to get the whole thing started. (Pics to follow soon).

Also on the go are 20 Condiment Holders for The Galleon Family Complex in Oamaru

These Condiment Holders are a great asset for Restaurants, Bar and Grill and at home.

As for the Lighthouse, Well the top has been completed along with the rotating light, I will post a video of it running next week (I haven't made the roof yet).

Well that's about it for this week. Have a great weekend. Chris

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