Lighting up Northland Xmas 2019

Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a fantastic week, Auckland, Northland What a great holiday weekend.

We spent a few hours at Kai Iwi lakes (So hot) but a lot of fun.

Well progress is being made with the Panda Props, With all three Pandas cutout and semi painted

Panda Xmas Props

This can be fun for the whole family to do, (The kids will love it).

We just use water based paint, which is available in test pots from Resene's

Project for this week is to create an outline for my my office window using 25 mm electrical conduit available at Bunnings for $4.94 per 4 Metre length, The plan is to drill 12 mm holes 50 mm apart for the LED nodes to protude from, Which I am pleased to say have finally arrived along with a 60 Amp (350 Watts) 5 volt power supply, Both of which are now available on our External website.

The link is below.

No Doubt this site will grow over the coming months as more products arrive.

Have any of you tried Vixen Lights yet?

Well that's about all I can offer you all this week.

Have a fun week, If you have any questions or need to know something drop us an Email

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