Lighting Up Northland Xmas 2019

Well a pretty crazy week here at Knotty Wood, We made and delivered a 3 Meter long Plant Box in Kensington for a Rose garden, And have a Heavy duty swing seat on the table also,

Anyway.... Lighting up Northland, We have bought a few lengths of electrical conduit from Bunnings ($4.94 per 4 metre length) and some clips to mount them on the window ($0.95 for 2 clips).

We Have 6 clips holding the conduit for this small window

We also purchased some corner bends (4)

So now my office window is surrounded by electrical conduit (Dammit now I can't open the window).

We have also done a lot of research on the types of Controllers to use and Power supplies.

We have a power supply available at

Along with the first of the smart LEDs.

In an earlier post I mentioned we were going to use vixenlight, After much research and talking to a lot of pepole it would seem that xlights has a better support network, You can download xlights here (It's Free)

We would love to know what you guys want, So drop us an Email.

As a side note this is a project I am playing with at the moment

This is on the Scroll saw at the moment, Trying out the new Pegus Geometrically modified blades that we sourced from the States.

What do you think?

Next week I hope to show how I have attached the LEDs and an insight on how to program them in vixen and xlights.

Have a fantastic week, Enjoy Waitangi Day Tomorrow.

Chris and Maera

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