Norski Timber Sealers

A penetrating two component preservative containing fungicides which hardens and preserves timber. 
Preservation of timber in rebuilding work and where extra protection is required in new work. In bildges and behind fittings where access is limited. Suitable for use as a primer for masonry surfaces where mould has been a problem. Application of Norski Epoxy Filler once Norski Timber Sealer is applied can be done to reconstitute areas where timber has rotten away. Product can be used on flooring such as chipboard to enhance life of floor. 
Coverage = 10 Sq Meters/litre 
Norski Timber Sealer

500 Ml                            Only $40.67

Covers approx 5 square Meters.

Norski Timber Sealer

1 Litre                          Only $56.82

Covers approx 10 square Meters.

Norski Timber Sealer

2 Litre                            Only $99.30

Covers approx 20 square Meters.

Norski Timber Sealer

4 Litre                            Only $176.75

Covers approx 40 square Meters.

Norski Timber Sealer

8 Litre                            Only $300.89

Covers approx 80 square Meters.

Norski Epoxy Knot Resin is a two-pot resin formulated for use in the following areas: filling knot holes, top coating decorative wooden tops, wooden plaques, badges, cold epoxy, enamelling and decoupage. Knot fill resin does set slightly yellow, for an awesome clear finish apply Norski Doming Resin over the whole piece.

Norski Knot Fill Resin 625 Ml

Knot fill Resin

625 Ml                          $49.03

Norski Knot Fill Resin

Knot fill Resin

1.25 Litre                          $68.20

Norski Doming Resin

Norski Doming Resin

Clear top coat resin for wooden tops (decorative), wooden plaques, badges, decoupage, for interior use only. Mixing Ratio 2:1

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